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Hey there...been a while since the last post, so I figured I better get on the ball!!!  Just got back from a nice week long vacation in Michigan with the family. Was extra special this year cause Louis came along. We had a great time just chilling out and relaxing, and he got to meet the rest of the extended family.

Been a great summer so far, but I've let my diet get WAY out of hand, put on too much weight so far this year, so I need to start turning things around. Have a great coach watching out for me in Berwyn so together we will be on the diet bandwagon.

Looking forward to the next few months, another trip coming up soon, and some more work to do around the Berwyn compound, but looking forward to maybe having some get togethers with friends soon....the backyard is looking mighty good and I do love cooking some bar b que!!! Who knows what may come of this...

We just got back from michigan too. Hope you had a great time. Look forward to a playdate with Tugg and the girls.
Michigan was GREAT...lot's of relaxin'....
you got a yard and you haven't had a bbq yet? *taps toes*
I don't have a yard...LOU has a yard...but I'm working on the BBQ thing...LOL
yay, bbq's are a good thing
Glad you guys had a good time. I am sure it was nice to get away too. B2 and I look forward to seeing you guys soon!
We will figure something out...the next three weekends are pretty hectic...

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I hear ya. Sorting, packing and STILL deciding on a place to live. Stress level is starting to go up. But Luckily I have B2 to keep me calm. :P
You'll find the right place...I'm sure of it!!!