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Damn! It's been a long time since I posted on here!!! Checking my entries, I see it was January!

Quick update on things...

2009 is starting off to be a great year.

Spent some time in Vegas to see the White Sox beat the Cubs...had a GREAT time with Dev and Jay there as well...The best trip I've had with Louie so far.

Had a great Easter with both of our families taking part in the first "combined" holiday.

Celebrated our 2nd anniversary last week.

Got some excellent presents from Louie!! (Sox vs Yankee's tix for 3 games in July...HELLO NICK SWISHER!!)

We're going to Milwaukee Pride in June and I got Louie and I 2nd row seats to see Cyndi Lauper!

My life is blessed with Great friends, Great families, and a Guy that exceeds every expectation I ever thought of!!

To borrow the line from The Wizard of Oz...and the great full page ad in Sunday's tribune..

I'll miss you most of all...

Lou and I got to go last Tuesday...my third time, Lou's second...I love this show and am sorry to see it leave Chicago.
Here is the last curtain call from Sunday...

Christmas spirit was just starting to fill us up, then fate ripped it all away...

On Tuesday of last week, Lou's father passed away, very suddenly. No prior warning, nothing.
Has been an extremely tough time for Lou, and he is putting up a brave front...

Thanks to our great friends for their thoughts, prayers, and ears...You were there for me when I needed to talk...special thanks todjzack67  anddidiseven for making the long trek to Waukegan for the services on Thursday.

Hey Buddy... (joeyimel )

We want to wish ya....



Hey there...been a while since the last post, so I figured I better get on the ball!!!  Just got back from a nice week long vacation in Michigan with the family. Was extra special this year cause Louis came along. We had a great time just chilling out and relaxing, and he got to meet the rest of the extended family.

Been a great summer so far, but I've let my diet get WAY out of hand, put on too much weight so far this year, so I need to start turning things around. Have a great coach watching out for me in Berwyn so together we will be on the diet bandwagon.

Looking forward to the next few months, another trip coming up soon, and some more work to do around the Berwyn compound, but looking forward to maybe having some get togethers with friends soon....the backyard is looking mighty good and I do love cooking some bar b que!!! Who knows what may come of this...


Thought you might appreciate this...

It was announced that the Chicago production of WICKED will end in January 2009...

Gonna have to try and see it for a third time before it closes.
Yeah, I know it's been a while since I've posted, but it's been pretty much calm, quiet and peaceful! Thank you GOD for  ending what seemed like an endless winter! Looking forward to more warmth in the coming weeks. Well, today was the first anniversary. One year ago I met Louis in person for our first date, and it's been nothing but one hell of a great ride since. Celebrated yesterday by meeting the guys in Schaumburg for some dinner at Cheesecake Factory. It's always great to get together, and this time was no different. Lot's of food, some alcohol, and some cheesecake. PERFECT TIME!! Thanks bearistab67nullslashvoid,djzack67, and last but by no way least didiseven. You guys went above and beyond, Louis and I thank you all AGAIN! Lou and I spent most of the day today shopping, so it was a perfect anniversary.

Coming up in the next few weeks we have camping at Campit, then Bear Pride, True Colors, Milwaukee Pride, and SUMMER!!!! Oh yeah, I'm sure Lou will have me doing some yard work at the Berwyn compound too...that has just begun and there is LOTS to be done...

Gonna be an excellent summer